I Still Love 'Em

Well, it had to happen sometime. My beloved Bengals lost. That is OK, they are still 3 & 1 and most importantly beat the Steelers last week. I know that they will come back better than ever. Number 84 is my favorite. My mommy calls me TJ Houshmankitty on game day. Then she says if I gain much more weight, she'll have to start calling me "Sam Adams." I don't know what beer has to do with it, I'm a kitty, I don't drink beer.
I like to wear my Bengals bandana. It makes me feel like a part of the team. Of course when I do wear it the flashy thing comes out. sigh. What is a little kitty to do?? Do you think it makes me look...you know...heavy??

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Anonymous said...

heavy? no way! hey - haf ya thot 'bout joining the House Panthers?