Face = Flee on Friday

Important Public Service Announcement!!!

When your blurpy baby or sticky little person makes this face:


Those "humorous" onsies are very wrong. They are NOT thinking real hard.


Trash on Tuesday, and Purr Request

First, my dear friend Halloween is sick and needs many purrs and prayers. She even had to spend a night at the icky VETs office. We're thinking of you and sending good vibes your way Halloween!

I also wanted to show you all the junk from just the basement that went out with the trash this morning.

These bags do not show the carload of donations mommy drove all over to drop off or the big stack of garage sale stuff for our annual garage sale or the recycled electronics that were dropped off. This is just the garbage!! Crazy huh?

I did NOT get to watch the Bring it On Cheerathon on Saturday. Sleuth channel was running a Psych marathon and since that is our favorite show mommy put that on instead. As much as I missed the booty shaken, overcoming adversity, crazy competition that are the Bring it On movie series, I think she made the right choice.

PS my beans are going to start cleaning out closets this weekend. I wonder what marathon I'll watch then...I miss my weekend snuggle time.


Missing Girl

A very nice customer at the place mommy works has a niece who is missing. Since mommy wasn't working much in Oct. & Nov. she just found out. This is the website for Morgan Harrington who disappeared after attending a concert in Virginia. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
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Formerly Feral Friday

It has been cold, rainy and generally dreary here this week. I'm glad I'm a former feral who can enjoy watching the birdies out the window on my comfy window box by the vent and not have to be out in the wet.

I plan on spending most of the weekend on the sofa while the beans finish cleaning the basement and closets. Lucky for me there is a "Bring it on Cheerathon" on ABC Family all day Saturday so I won't be bored.


Wordy Wednesday - Doctor's Orders

Mommy got three shots in her back that makes her back feel better.

The doctor's orders are to take it easy and stay on the couch on ice today.

So, Joel is at daycare, daddy is at work and mommy and I are watching Alias season 2 on DVD and napping today. Man that Jennifer Garner kicks serious b*tt. She makes mommy feel like she should be doing push ups and stuff tho.

I love my nursing duties.


Titans on Tuesday

Catzilla vs Joeldan

Ever since Joel got that ROAR! outfit, things have gotten monsterous around here.

And the little s#it thinks he can take charge of MY minions! That is uncool doods. I explained that they are MY minions and then mommy put him in his cage aka "pack n play" until he learned his lesson.


Fat on Friday

Daddy said something mean to me the other day.

I was hanging on my new kitchen chair and he was petting me behind the ear and I got all into it and rolled onto my side, almost falling off the chair.

Just when I was thinking "Wow, daddy is my hero" he said "Buddy, you can't go rolling around like that. You take up almost the whole seat as is. You just don't know how fat you are."

sob. I think I proved from my post below, that I am not fat. I'm well muscled...and padded.

Do you all think I'm fat?


Watching on Wednesday

Starlings! Pounce! Pounce!

PS Mommy says my muscles look uber big in this picture

UPDATE: Mommy was cleaning in the basement and didn't have the TV on yesterday. We didn't see the news about Haiti until now. Our thoughts and prayers are with the country of Haiti and those with loved ones in the area.


Six Months on Sunday

At 8:36AM today, Baby Joel aka #2 aka Stinky Britches aka Tole turned 6 months old. I guess it is to late to return him.

Oh well, the little booger is kinda growing on me. It is a little cool the way he likes to watch what I'm doing. It is also a little concerning the way he looks at me tail like it is going to be an uber fun toy someday soon...

That would not be cool.


Waiting for White on Wednesday

Actually, the "Great White Death" will start falling again overnight. We are expecting 3-6 inches! I'm glad I'm an indoor only kitty cause the windchill factor here is in the single digits. Brrrrrrrr

Yesterday mommy and I got a lot done. The Christmas trees came down and we sorted all kindsa stuff. Mommy's January resolution is to clean all the stuff out of the basement and make sure what is left fits on shelves. I had to make sure I got in on the boxes and sniffed everything.

This is round one.

Man, beans have a lot of stuff. Don't they know you just need food, a warm soft place to sleep, a place to do your "business," food and catnip, food, catnip...


Hangin with Mommy

First off, "Poop Watch 2010, episode I" is over. After a trip to the little bean VET, and a thermometer up the b#tt, the little guy pooped. And let me tell you, it was big. And stinky. Mommy had to open 2 windows even tho it was snowing out - no kidding. I wouldn't go back in the bedroom for hours until all the stink was gone. It made my tail puff up when I wandered by the changing station!

Mommy and me are home alone today. Baby Joel is at the grandbeans getting all kindsa spoiled and I'm here getting all kindsa spoiled. Mommy filled the bird feeders because the snow came dcown last night and they were empty so I'll spend some time watching Reality TV. We'll be making the rounds this afternoon while we have uninteruppted time!


Monday Monday - Poop Watch

We're on "Poop Watch 2010, episode I" Joel hasn't pooped since Weds, Dec. 30, 2009. He is getting cereal in his bottles now and even some on a spoon so we knew this could happen. He has had Karo syrup for 3 nights now and if he doesn't poop by this afternoon, mommy is going to stick a thermometer up his b*tt to make him go!! I mean, I don't particularly care if he poops or not, except that it makes him crabby and gassy, but doods, I don't wish a thermometer up the b*tt on anyone.

Well, it is four days into the new year and things are getting back to normal. Daddy is back to work after his 2 week vacation and I miss our mancat time in the basement already. Mommy is home and that is nice. My beans are cleaning out the basement so I'll snoopervise that but she has lots of work work to catch up on so she'll be busy this week.

Luckily the bird feeders are out and mommy put peanuts out for squirrels so I have plenty to watch.

Everyone hope that #2 makes a #2 soon!!

Poor little bugger, he has no idea what is coming...

We hope you all had a safe, happy and nip filled New Year's Eve and have enjoyed the first four days of the New Year. Our party was great and I spent the weekend doing a whole lotta nuthin' with my daddy. Perfect.