Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!

Wow, another year down. What stinks is I didn't get this one quite right and now I have to start all over. sigh. Maybe I had to much on my resolutions list. I'll be sure not to do that again.

We had a great Christmas. I got "my" green fevver on a stick and catnip bags that were "freshened up" in my dehydrated home grown nip.

mommy and I recovering from my nipesode and her winesode

I didn't have to wear any stupid outfits or hats cause I "outgrew" the Santa outfit and the stinky boy kept trying to take my hat off and that bugged me even more.

daddy says only one person in this photo is truly smiling...

My beans are having a big party tonight with lotsa stinky little humans of all ages. I'm losing my traditional "safe" room to some blurpy thing's pack-n-play and I'll be shoved into a closet (Mommy interupts: It isn't a "closet." It is our big Master bathroom with a closet in it that you like to lay in anyway) and not even have that big twin bed I like to nap in!

Stinky stupid party. I know what will be on my resolutions...revenge...

At least I go into 2011 with all of you good furry and bean friends! I'll be thinking of you all as the dou- ahem dork Ryan Seacrest rings in the New Year and pretends to respect Dick Clark.

Maybe my sweet lady cat will let me telyport over to celebrate with her!


Thinking on Thursday

Thinking it may be time for fortify my fort better.


Merry Christmas!

We hope to send out email out with our card attached today but in case it doesn't go through, and in case we don't have everyone's email, we are posting it here.

You can save it to your desktop and print it if you biggify it!

We want to thank all of our friends who sent us Christmas cards! It is so nice you remembered us and they are all prominently displayed on our piano. purrrrrrrrrrs It is great to have caring friends.

We want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a new year filled with joy, love, good health and lotsa treats!

My beans' families are all in town so they run all day tomorrow. We are thinking good thoughts for all our dear friends!


Thinking On Thursday - Santa Edition

I think I'll wait right here for Santa.

Where else can I go? I have no village, no minions...just two sad little trees with no breakable ornaments less than two feet from the floor...

Getting our Christmas cards out has been a trial of epic proportions culminating in the final straw of our printer rollers getting clogged and not printing black ink (like for the addresses!). So, we'll be emailing out our card. We hope you think it is worth the wait.

Mommy is so sad. She saved enough money to have them printed and yadda yadda yadda, they are still sitting here unmailed. Sad.


Finally Friday!

TBIF. Thank Bast it is Friday! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted! Things have been crazy here both bad and good. We'll focus on the good stuff first. I missed posting on my daddy's birthday, but he had one and it was fun. I got extra stinky goodness just for fun. I like getting extra stuff for no reason, especially cause the stinky has been in demand here.

Don't get me wrong, according to mommy I have plenty to eat, but I'm not getting extra stinky anymore cause I was "going thru it to fast." I don't get that. Now I only get a nibble (mommy here, you get a 1/8 of a can) twice a day! sigh.

Funny story, Joel has a toy that he squeezes and says "squish." Now he does that to mommy's tummy. She doesn't find it funny.

It has been "frigid" and snowy here. We got 6 inches this week! I'm glad I'm a former feral and stay inside nice and warm and cozy.

Mommy's temp job got extended into January and that is cool! She got a hint that it may turn into something even more permanent. We hope so. Mr. Bill is such a jerk coming every month and making my beans sleep crappy. When they sleep crappy I sleep crappy.

My mommy is already working on her new year's resolutions. One is to schedule her time better so we can blog and visit our friends more. I hope so. We are very sad, especially this time of year, to miss our friends.

We will be posting our Christmas Card Sunday! Due to a lack of green papers, and wanting to save papers from going into the garbage, we will be doing like last year and electronically sending and posting our cards. We hope everyone likes it!!


Maestro on Monday

My new favorite thing is to jump up on the player piano keys in the middle of the night. You may ask "why don't your humans cover the keys like smart people would?"

Well, it used to be closed all the time, but the stinky monkey boy keeps lifting the cover up and smashing his fingers so now the beans leave it open. Then they forget to close it before bed.

Their mental hiccoughs are my entertainment...over and over and over...

House Panthers like hunting from great heights, but unfortunately, the keys don't lend to stealth...

My buddy Rudy is having some big blood problems caused by fleas. Please send him and his beans some purrs.