Figuring it All Out

OK, we figured out the alphabetical stuff, and now realize we are missing many friends on my blogroll. We are in the process of updating that right now! Hopefully by next week we will unveil our completed list!

BTW, it is a cool and rainy day today and you know what that means...breakfast in bed! Daddy said he things mommy is spoiling me to much. I may have to have a chat with him later...


Midnight Monday, Breakfast Edition

I had a number of kitties ask me how I managed to get breakfast in bed. BTW, it was a total of 4 days in a row!! The weekend got all screwy and this morning there was a squirrel on the deck rail so I got up earlier than mommy today.

It started one cold winter morning last year. Our bedroom has a big window, an attic and 2 outside walls so it is coooooooold. Mommy noticed I hadn't followed her to the kitchen for my breakfast stinky goodness. When she saw I was still all tucked into bed and looking so cozy and warm, she went back to the kitchen and brought me a plate to bed.

Being a smart House Panther, I noticed on the days I don't follow her into the kitchen, and stay all curled up in the covers, regardless of the weather, mommy will bring me breakfast in bed! Important note about looking comfortable. It is not just important to look cozy (after all, if you look to cozy your bean may not want to "disturb" you with breakfast). It is important to look a little hungry and pitiful that you aren't eating....

Remember, hungry, pitiful and cozy =

Stinky goodness in bed!

It is hard to tell cause everything is still out of order (we don't know why), but mommy worked for hours updating our blogrolling list. She still has more to do, including emailing them to find out why even tho on the "edit" list things are in alphabetical order, they don't show up that way, but she actually buckled down and worked on it! I was almost proud of her...


Wordy Wednesday

For the second morning in a row I got breakfast in bed. I love love love my new foam mattress topper. I don't want to leave it and stayed in bed over an hour after mommy got up (after all, I'd gotten my breakfast).

Now if I can only get the beans out of bed I'll have the foam mattress topper all to myself. You all have to get one!!!


Happy Day!

Hi! Sorry we haven't been around much. Things caught up with mommy and she got very busy. She is also trying to get ahead with work so she is all set by June. Baby boy isn't due until July 17, but mommy wants to be ready early.

You may ask why today is so happy, well, for 2 reasons. One, it will be over 70 degrees today and that means open windows. Two, mommy got me a great new addition to our bed.

That is right! A new memory foam mattress! It is like sleeping on a cloud. I plan on their being a House Panther shaped memory on that thing very soon.

I even got breakfast in bed cause I didn't want to get up. It is sooooooooo soft.

On top of that, I even got a new box to play in! It is good and sturdy.

Mommy and I will be posting off and on this week and will visit as much as we can. She plans on taking some of our computer time to finally update our blogrolling. It is all screwy since it got fixed and blogger link still won't let us link to Max, Skeezy, Buddah or The Cafe Cats for some reason.

She has been working on the computer so much during the day she has to shut it off at night. She is embarrassed it has been almost a month since she Facebooked!


Thanks on Thursday - Thirteen

I have lots to be thankful for today but I'll try to keep it to only 13.

1. That my woofie cousin Mason's lumpy lip is nothing. The VET removed it and said "don't think another thing of it."

2. My kitty cousin Echo is poopin', eatin' and playin' like a champ again. We think the stress of the week got to him. Thanks for all the tips on food and stuff. His blood tests showed no pancreatitis.

3. My G-Grandma is not in pain anymore and is reunited with loved ones who went before.

4. That daddy keeps mommy fed. A cranky pregnant woman is a scary thing and it is best to keep mommy full and happy.

5. That mommy still loves and adores me even tho she feels like crap and is tired. We still have play and snuggle time and she has yet to forget to feed me...or give my extra treats...

6. That daddy and I have a Mancave to escape to. I love mommy, but sometimes I just need to guy around you know?

7. That mommy hasn't kicked me off the bed eve tho space is at a minimum.

8. That when mommy gets up to eat in the night, she feeds me a little too!

9. That we got a couple of days of warm weather so I got to sniff thru the windows.

10. That I have so many good friends to purr and pray for my family when we need it. purrrrrrrs

11. My sweet lady cat Brandi!

12. Catnip, catnip, catnip, catnip

13. A full cabinet of stinky goodness and a full container of crunches!


Tip Off Tuesday

This is how daddy and I have been spending lots of time. Guying around and watching basketball. Purdue won the Big 10 Tournament!! We are big Boilermaker fans.

I don't like when mommy comes down and disturbs us. I give her the laser eyes and if that doesn't work, I jump down and chase her up the stairs meowing.

I snuggle with her upstairs and on the bed and stuff. The the Mancave is ours! No girlz allowed!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to my good buddy Captain Jack!


Midnight Monday

First, thank you all for the caring words for my family. My mommy does the family jeane- gene- um, family tree so she and my GGma were close. It was a tough day Saturday when they all gathered to say good-bye, but all took comfort in the fact she is no longer in pain and is reunited with all those she loved who went before. I will come around this week and thank everyone individually. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

Second, when mommy brought the walking machine into the house I was a little concerned about my "winter weight" not befitting a sleek House Panther. After many hours of sitting and grooming on it (no worries folks, it was not acutally ON) I was getting obsessed! Am I to big, could I ever be a snoopermodel with these thighs? Then mommy and I read on yahoo that the key to keeping a healthy weight is getting enough rest. Well thank Bast! I'm already ahead of the game!

No more "winter weight" worries for me. I'll just sleep the extra pounds off!


Widebody Wednesday

Mommy bought this off Craig's List to keep the "baby weight" down. I decided to try it. It was easy! Mommy says I'm doing it wrong.

BTW, my GGma's blood pressure dropped very low overnight. Please keep our family in your purrs and prayers.

*Update* My GGma passed away around 4pm today. Mommy got to see her one more time and she was surrounded by all her kids. We are sad cause we'll miss her, but are happy she is at peace.


Mancat Monday

Sometimes Mancats know when to be patient. Mommy had such a long weekend I let her sleep in today. She was so happy I got extra stinky goodness. Things have been so stressful here lately she needed the rest.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. They are working. Echo is eating some Temptations and he also ate some stinky goodness (which believe it or not he has never liked!). We think it might be gentler on his tummy than his crunchies. He finally made a deuce in the box and that is a good sign. He is being watched closely.

My GGma is resting more comfortably because they raised her pain meds. When mommy first got there yesterday she was in such pain. Now she is sleeping more and more which is good because that means she is feeling more comfy.

We should hear about Mason any day now. He is acting just fine so we are hoping for good news.

My grandpa isn't going to his physical therapy today (he has a muscular skelaton issue that they haven't figured out yet) just in case my grandma needs him and so he can watch Echo and we're hoping he doesn't get drawn up with all the stress and no PT.

I am a lucky House Panther in that with the weather in the 60s and mommy working from home today I can stalk my prey thru an open window. Watch out squirrls! I'll be chattering at you!


Purrs needed

Hi, sorry again we haven't been around much but when it rains it pours. My mommy's family needs lotsa purrs right now.

My great-grandma Ethel (mommy's mommy's mom) is very ill. It is her time to go be with my great-grandpa and the priest came yesterday. But, even with the morphine she is in so much pain she cries. Please purr and pray that her pain is releaved.

Also, my cousin Echo, my grandma's (mommy's mom) kitty hasn't eaten in 4 days. They took him to the VET in between being with my GG Ethel and the VET gave him IV fluids and a vitamin shot to stimulate his appitite. Echo did eat some Tempations last night, but he has lost 5oz and isn't eating his regular food.

He could use lotsa purrs and any suggestions you have. The scans didn't show any blockages on the X-rays, but his kidneys showed and lower white blood cell count and an elevated something else (mommy can't remember what). Pancreatitis was suggested but he needs to go back if he doesn't eat today.

We also have not heard the results from Mason's biopsy and mommy is STILL sick and having nosebleeds at least once a day.

We'll keep you posted on everything, but please keep us in your purrs and prayers.


Friday Friday!

Finally it is Friday and not only is mommy working from home, it is in the 60's! Mommy opened the windows up wide for me. I was so excited I was rocking back and forth and my chin was chittering. Aaaaaaaaaah the smells of Spring right around the corner.

Mommy told me some cool news today. It looks like that extra hour of sun we lost 6 months ago has been found and will be returned to us this weekend. Cool!


Wordless Wednesday - First Signs of Spring

PS My woofie cousin Mason had the lump on his lip removed on Monday. Please continue to purr and pray for him. The results of the biopsey should be in next week.


Tip on Tuesday

Um, when your sick, pregnant mommy has been complaining that all she does all night and toss and turn and blow and pee...whatever you do, DO NOT wait until she and her body pillow are comfortably laying on their side and then poke her repeatedly on the back meowing for her to move over.

I have GOT to get my rules in place cause this little shrimp is already userping MY territory.

I do have a suggestion for daddy that could solve this situation.

"You're gonna need a bigger bed"


Midnight Monday and Mason

I'm beefing up my usual Midnight Monday post to show a little Mancat on the side. Sometimes it is good to show a little affection to the mommy. Especially when she doesn't feel good. Actually, I thought the lingering smell of turkey sandwich on her breath was nice, but don't tell her that. She thought I was being sweet.

Also, my woofie cousin Mason could use some purrs. He has a lump on his lip that needs to be biopsied. My uncle Kevin and family just rescued him Sept. 2008. It was just over a year ago that Sonny, their first rescued woofie went to the Bridge of cancer a 4 years old so this is very hard for them.