The Most Wunderful Weekend

Hi furends! I just had the most wunderful weekend efur! First, Friday was my purfday and I got some great and fun things. Mostly, I got a lot of love and attention (it was hard for mommy and daddy to top the love and attention I usually get, but they did it!)

Then, I went to Smeagol, Strider,Mystery & Gizmo's November Birthday / Gotcha Day party and had more fun than I could've imagined. Their beans get some great food (even yummy veggies) and opened up the whole house and special "safe yard" areas for us to play on the cool stuff like tunnels and castles. I ate Eric's weight in salmon tee hee hee I luv ya' Eric!

The best part about the whole party is....Sweet Brandi Candi (my Sugar Pie) agreed to be my kitty girlfriend. Sigh, she is worried about the difference in our ages, but I don't worry at all. I thinks it was ment to be. After all my daddy's mom is even from Minnesota! What are the odds? Pury slim.

When my daddy saw her picture and read her bloggy, he said that I "did good" when I fell for her. Here is a picture of me today sleeping soundly, resting from the party and dreaming of Sweet Brandi Candi.

The other great part of the weekend is that my mommy and daddy rescued a stray kitty. It was pury scary, but at 3am, (they have a 1st floor bedroom) there was the awful sound of a cat fight under the window. They leapt out of bed (locking me in the room for safety) and ran outside to break up the fight. It was one of the evil intruder feral kitties (yes, mommy loves them and cares for them anyway) and a floofy kitty we'd never seen before. The stray took off, but the floofy kitty ran over to mommy and daddy. So, there they are in their jammies at 3am on the front porch with this terrified cat who reeeeeeeeeally wanted to come inside.

So, mommy brought him in. She put him in the upstairs spare room with food and water and we all went back to bed with the sound of a meowing kitty keeping us up. She took him to the vet first thing in the morning and he was chipped, but, the address was old (mommy even drove over there to make sure) and can't get an answer on the phone number on record. They looked through 2 weeks worth of papers, online and called local vets for anyone repurting him lost. No luck. They also did a google, peoplefinder and property search for the name on record. No luck.

The sweet kitty is now over at my grandma and grandpa's house with lotsa new toys and nice warm bean beds (with beans included) to lay in. Mommy will keep trying the number this week (because he is sooooooooo sweet, he was obviously pury loved at one point) but if he can't be reunited with the "registered owner," he will have the most wunderful home with my grandma and grandpa.

Either way, it'll be a happy ending with the kitty (who is being called "Echo") being safe and warm inside where he will be loved and spoiled. Pictures will come soon.


The Meezers or Billy said...

oh, we fink you and Brandi make a furry sweet couple.

YAY!! for your mommy and daddy rescuing the kitty!

Sadie said...

What a furry busy weekend!

First of all, con-cat-ulations on gettin' a kitty girlfriend. I can speak from experience when I say that it RAWKS to have a girlfriend.

Secondly, it's so good of your mommy and daddy to rescue sweet Echo! I bet he will be furry happy with your grandma and grandpa if your mommy can't find his peoples.

Anonymous said...

Good job on taking in the scared little kitty.

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

We're furry happy you had a good time at the party, and concatulations to you and Brandi! We don't think the age difference matters at all.

Echo knew just who to go to for help! If his beans are missin' him, we hopes your Mom can find them. Otherwise, he will be so furry happy with your Grandma & Grandpa!

The Crew said...

Maybe poor Echo was abandoned. But it's great that he can stay with your Gramma & Grampa. We know he'll have a good forever home!

Congrats man, for the good news about Brandi! She's a real beauty.


Spock said...

Mr deerest furriend, MR H, I is so furry so to be telling you a late HAPPY PURRTHDAY!!! I don no how I miss-ed it. Concatulations on yore new relationship. Brandi am so furry sweet! Give yore purrarents lotsa purrs & headbutts for rescuin tha kitty.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

I am glad you had a great purrthday! And you couldn't have a better girl than Brandi!

I am so glad that your beans rescued that baby! I hope she gets to stay with grandma and grandpa bean!

Anonymous said...

yay, yay, yay! all kinds of really great stuff! Brandi is a furry purrty & sweet one izzn't she? we duzzn't fink age matters. i'm in love wif Angie, who's older than i am, an Grr's boyfurrend Flynn is older than she is (we're all 1 1/2). Midnight duzzn't haf a boyfurrend yet, but she's a bit much fur one kitty ta handle, i fink.

give yur momma an daddy an grammy an grampy lotsa cuddles an purrs from us fur rescuing the floofy kitty! our Lady really wants ta see picshures - she's a fluffaholic, ya know.


Ivan from WMD said...

You had an extra busy weekend! I like the explanation about how we got to be twins!

How nice of your mom and dad to take that baby in and try and find his home. If they can't I'm sure he'll be very happy with your grandparents.

Oh, and I like to sleep in that same exact pose!

Meowers from Missouri said...

what a marvelous weekend you had--a girlfriend (concats, man--she is a keeper!), a great big party, much lovins, and a sweet kitty saved, with a furever home in the near future
. . . an' you can celebrate your birthday and his "second" gotcha day together!

Rascal said...

That's a Midnight Catnap! Good for your Mom and Dad for rescuing Echo. I kinda hope he can find his original home, but I kinda hope he gets to stay with your grandma and grandpa's.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

What a grate weekend!! Yoo got tons of luv and got a gurlfrend at a party! Awesume.

Lastly, what yer parents did was so wondurful. We can onlie imajine how wurried Echos mommie and daddie must be. It's grate to know that echo will be in gud hands no mattur what happens to her.

Purrhaps posting sines up in the nayburhood with Echos picktur might help.

Yoo and yer family are awesome, Mr. Hendrix!

Fat Eric said...

Oh, your humans were very nice to rescue Echo, I am glad he is in a safe place. Please let us know what happens to him. And congratulations again on getting together with Brandi!

Quilt Granny said...

I never met Brandi, but I like her name. If I was a peep, I'd probably drink brandi, but I'm not, I just get water. Wow, another cat rescued from the evil outside. I'm sure glad I've never been outside except in my carrier.

So how did you get a girlfriend. Did you put a hex on her, or are you just so charming that she fell for you hook line and sinker.

Good to hear from you by the way.

Anonymous said...

Wunnerful Mom and Dad! Grate Grandma an Grandpa! New kittie! All YAY!