The Chaos Continues

Mommy is moving right along with her decorating this weekend. I helped put up both trees (yes, there are 2 big ones!). The picture is blurry, because I was moving really fast from box to tree, box to tree to make sure nothing got missed.

Here is what they look like now!

She also finished her village! There was one "incident" the first night and I'm thinking I won't get back up there again. Mommy said it was her fault because she didn't pick me up and show me what was on the table and we kitties are sooooooo curious. So she forgave me. Also, only a couple of the people were, um, knocked over, and nothing was damaged so, I'm still here!

Actually, I find that under the table is lots more fun than being on the table. It's like, why climb the trees, when I can hang out under them??? I'm hiding too because I don't like all the boxes and mess. As soon as they're gone, mommy will get some good pictures of me explorin'.


Anita said...

Christmas! Your bean celebrates very early the Christmas


Anonymous said...

Hiding under the tree is something I can't wait to do!

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Wow, that all looks furry nice! Our beans aren't even close to bein' that ready! Dad used to set up a train and stuff under the tree (when the Cats Who Came Before Us were old and calm) but he can't do that with us around.

Anonymous said...

Sigh ... my mom tried putting up a tree every year since I arrived, but I a) chewed on it, b) tried to climb it, and c) knocked everything off of it.

She's hoping some year I'll have calmed down enough so she can look at the pretty lights at night!

Anonymous said...

Nice christmas trees - which reminds us, it's nearly time for our tree to go up so we can do our traditional try to run up it and knock it over

Anonymous said...

whoa - 2 trees? we neffur even seen 1 tree on account of Midnight. Grr an I would be good, but Midnight can't rezizt gettin' inta efurrything.