Surveying Sunday Late

Yup, we're late, but mommy promised me she'd post and post she did. She had lotsa laundry and cleaning to take care of. She didn't get to vacuuming, and she opened ALL THE WINDOWS, even the ones by my village, so I can forgive her for being late.
Then, stoopid blogger wouldn't let me publish my post!!!

Here I am surveying my outside domain from my Village. Ah, all mine, all mine.

It may be good that I couldn't publish before cause now I can write the good news!
Finally I get to use the most awesome scoreboard Zoolatry made me (see the bottom of my bloggy for the great layout). The Bengals won!!!! If I was a bun, I'd be doing a binkie right now. Please let Marvin the Great fire that Defensive Coordinator so we don't have so many close calls.

Finally the Bengals won!! We won!!

Next week, we're playing our arch-nemises the Pittsburgh Steelers. It'll be a claw biter, but I have faith in my team to come out victorious.


Lux said...

I love that village of yours!

We've been having some problems with Blogger, too, yuk ...

Tiger Lily said...

Whoa! You have your own village?! You must be very important Mr. Henrdrix!

Parker said...

Mommy likes the Bengals uniforms but still has to cheer for the Lions!

Sunny's Mommy said...

That's a very nice picture of you in your Halloween village :-)