Mr. Hendrix the Kitty. The Best Cat.

I am finally posting a tribute to my dear kitty. I have had trouble really accepting that Hendrix died. Although I knew he had FIV, I really felt like I’d be helping him to the Bridge at age 19 with his VET, his daddy and the kids all saying “Wow, what a good long life this guy had. We gave him great treatment, great love and that made a big difference.” I guess there is guilt. Like the stresses in our home brought about the heart issues and that is what brought the FIV to the forefront. I am very overdue for posting a tribute to my sweet kitty on this blog. I guess I feel like this blog is bigger, more important, than a post on my Facebook page.
 It was through this blog that I found a fun and creative voice through Hendrix. I feel like our blogging friends will get this more. Not because our friends and family (outside of blogging) don’t love furries, or didn’t love him, but because of that voice we all find through our fur babies. It is just different. Special.
So here it goes.

Dear Mr. Hendrix the Kitty. The Best Cat.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. Your daddy and I were married in Sept of 2013, but we didn't become a family until you. That November (11/3/2004) driving home from work when I saw you on the side of the road. The Universe said, "those people need a fe-LION" and boy did it give us one.

You were so skinny and so sick. So scared of even the stairs. Then with a lot of patience, a lot of love and a lot of treats and catnip, you blossomed. Wow did you ever. We didn't realize how many "formerly feral" posts we'd get from your blossoming. hahaha Such fun. 

Daddy is so allergic to cats. He had that silly rule about you not being allowed on the sofas. Or the bed. hahaha remember that? Within a month you were taking over and he was taking Claritin by the dozen. 

You were my first cat and I couldn't have asked for a better one. You let me dress you up in ridiculous costumes and outfits (although I don’t think you minded dressing like Max) and those silly claw covers.

You did love those minions.

You kept me company while I did, well, everything!

When we struggled with fertility, I could cry around you (you never liked being close to tears and upsets) and when I was done, you’d come and lay by me.

When I was gigantic carrying those two little stinkers, you’d squeeze into the tiniest spot just to lay next to me on the sofa and bed. Daddy and I had to change sides of the bed because I couldn’t climb over you to get to the bathroom and get around the bed! Hahaha, then you followed me to the other side if the bed…

When Joel came along, you didn’t know what to do. We kept including you as much as we could and eventually you forgave us for having him. As he grew, you were always a part of every adventure.

Joel in Tent Wars!

Especially once you realized how much food he would drop off the high chair.

The sticky boy just harassed the crud out of you. You were as patient as we could ask. You also only popped him with a closed paw when you’d super had enough. We got that and we appreciated it. Is it any wonder his first word was “kitty.”

Joel loves you so much. I remember him kissing your boo boo when you got shots at the Vet. I can’t believe how lucky I was to get that on film.

Then the blurpy girl came along and you were like, “dudes, did you not learn your lesson before???” She is a totally different kid than Joel. 

Julia in Tent Wars!

She was not impressed with you. You two were always competing for our attention. If I was playing with Julia, you came and sat between us, if I was petting you, she came over and shoved in. Toward the end, I believe you two had a mutual admiration (or distain) society. Either way, she’d started saying “kitty” and smiling at you, and you wouldn’t jump off the sofa if she was sitting on my lap.

You stayed a part of our family. We never wanted you to feel excluded and I hope you never did. More than being a part of our family as a group, you and Joel found a special bond after Julia was born. For that I will always be grateful Always.

Having you in our growing family was a blessing that I can’t articulate. You added something to our home that we’ll never find again (even when we get another furry kid). 

You gave me a creative voice through your blog, but your blog gave me a gift of allowing me get to know you. In looking for stuff to blog about, I got to know your subtle looks and attitudes very well. Your blog also gave me a wonderful group of dear friends. Now that I’ve lost “your” voice, I feel like I lost more than just you, I lost that part of me that wrote for you. Forgive me if I stumble as I write this to you.

I know things were stressful around here the last few months. I hope you’ll forgive us for the time we missed loving on you. Sometimes after the kids went to bed, we just wanted to veg, not play. I wanted alone time, not chin scratch time. I wish I’d done all of those things every time you had asked, not just when it was convenient. I was always glad that you continued to sleep next to me and your daddy. That way, even though we were sleeping, we got kitty time.

We’ve had a Father’s Day and a 4th of July without you. Our family photos from those days are missing something (guess what it is! It’s you!). Tonight is the eve of your stinky boy’s 5th birthday. He is having a rough week missing you. He “felt” you on the bed last night, and when he looked and didn’t see your body, he started to cry. Daddy and I told him we do the same thing.  Your spirit is wonderful and I’m glad to have it visiting but I wish could feel your fur just once more.

We received a gift from the VET tonight. I vaguely remember them asking if we wanted a paw print and a lock of your fur the day we helped you to the Bridge. When we didn’t get it with your ashes, I figured they forgot or it didn’t get ordered. They called yesterday and we picked up the shadow box tonight. It is so much prettier than the pictures show. Green grass inside.

The lock of fur they placed is the white tuft of fur from your chest I always called your angel kiss.

I remember how I’d whisper in your ear that I was so proud of the way you and Bendrix showed so much, um, spirit, at the VET. You shredded those VET techs! They even had a pop up screen saying “tranq before examining” when they pulled up your name. hahaha Such a tough guy. They loved you at the VET even with all the blood. You were something else

I feel you spirit more and more. I see you out of the corner of my eye in a space where nothing else is (so I know a rogue shoe didn’t cause a trick of the eye). Judy (our animal communicator) says you are happy and running around. I’m so glad you’re happy. You’d been in so much pain for so long.

We’ll meet again someday. I know we will.

Someday you and the Universe will send us a new kitty to love.

But tonight, I just want to feel sad that you’re gone, and blessed that I had you for 9 ½ years.

This blog stands tribute to you and all that you gave to us, and hopefully, all that we gave to you. Mr. Hendrix the Kitty. The Best Cat.

Love, Your Mommy


momsbusy said...

a beautiful tribute. i think you said what we all feel in our hearts about our kitties. purrs and prayers for healing and comfort.

momsbusy, kintaro, & tt

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

You brought Mr. Hemdrix to us through your blog. You shared him and your family and let us love him, too. I know how hard this was to write and I thank you for that. Our Wizard has been gone for many years, but we still feel him on the bed from time to time and he teases the other three cats from time to time.

Give Joel a hug for us because we understand his sorrow.

Mrs Beans said...

Beautifully and so lovingly done. So heart breaking. I'm so sorry. What a great life the noble Mr Hendrix had with you.

Our thoughts are with you.

Ginger's mom and Ginger plus Q2 plus Mariah.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Such a lovely tribute. He left you so many good memories.

Ivan from WMD said...

I think “Wow, what a good long life this guy had. We gave him great treatment, great love and that made a big difference” is still something you can say, because it's all true. While we are all crying with this tribute, we know your sorrow is much, much deeper. But we are glad that we got to know you all through this very special kidlet. He will remain in our hearts forever.

Love to you all,

William, Caroline, Elliott and mom (and angels Olivia, Gracie and Russell, too)

jen said...

Thank you for this and thank you for giving your mancat a voice. Give Joel a hug and let him know that Hendrix is with him in spirit all the time.

jenianddean said...

Thank you for sharing your loving tribute. We will all miss Mr. Hendrix. Your sweet boy was loved and he knew that. Please give Joel a hug from us.
Sending love and purrs!
The McKitten-Cats (Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear, and Maggie) and their mom and dad

Sparkle said...

What a beautiful, beautiful tribute - but of course, every word is so very true. Hendrix was such a very special kitty, and everyone who visited his blog could tell. We too miss him lots. Many purrs to you and your family, especially Joel.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

What a touching tribute to a wonderful cat. Mr. Hendrix was so lucky to have such a loving family.

Mickey's Musings said...

We think Mr Hendrix would be pleased with this wonderful tribute.
We have enjoyed having you as a friend and watching your life :)
There were plenty of good times.
It was easy to see that you were loved and adored! That is what all kitties want.
We send you all comforting purrs.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ
and Angels Mickey,Tillie and Tiger
an the mom

Random Felines said...

we are sorry we just now heard about the blog and missed the chance to know him, but what a wonderful tribute. there is never enough time.... we love that picture of Hendrix and Joel at the window

Nancy said...

A touching tribute for a beloved kitty. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Brian's Home Blog said...

We were so bery sad when we saw that you special guy had left. That was a very beautiful tribute. One day your heartq will smile with the loving memories, it just seems to take so long. Purrs, love and hugs from all of us.

Cats of wildcat woods said...

Wonderful tribute to Mr Hendrix and is shows that he left a huge hole in all of your hearts. He will live on thru your memories until you meet again.

Forty Paws said...

What a beautiful tribute to Hendrix/Bendrix. We miss him. He was a great cat, and took to the stinky ones very well. Many hugs and purrs and purrayers to you.

We have Orinch who has FIV. We rarely think about it, but he does has asthma, and reading about Hendrix and how you thought he would live to 19 reminds us that we need to remember that Orinch might not live as long as we might expect.

Hugs, Us and Maw

The Florida Furkids said...

We're leaky eyed after reading your wonderful tribute to Mr Hendrix. He was a special ManCat and was lucky to have such a wonderful family to love him for 9-1/2 years.

The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

Black Cat said...

What a lovely tribute to darling Hendrix. My eyes are leaking big time. My black cat, Oliver, was also my first cat as an adult and I still miss him after so many years. I dream of him quite often and I'm sure you will dream of Mr Hendrix, as well as seeing him out of the corner of your eye and feeling his presence. He will always be with you. Love to you all.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

This is beautiful tribute to your dear boy. I am glad he comes to visit you. It is such a comfort to know they still watch over us. He will always be remembered from his blogging days, and now he frolics in the fields at the Bridge with so many of the friends he made here.

Sweet Purrfections said...

That is such a beautiful tribute to Mr. Hendrix. It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered those special times with Sweet Praline and the emotional turmoil after losing her. She would visit me in the evenings: I would feel the touch of her soft fur rubbing against my leg when I was at the computer and I once even saw her sitting at the corner of the hallway looking at me. The pet communicator I talked to recently said Praline is still with me, but she's letting Truffle and Brulee fill that empty space in my heart. My thoughts are with you.

Mom Paula

Fr. Tom Fish said...

What a beautiful tribute and a loving family that was part of that tribute. You all were blessed for 9 1/2 years as he was when you saved him. God bless you all.

Julie, Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin, Bridgie and our own Angels Tom, Vinnie and Trapper


Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Beautiful post! Mr. Hendrix will surely be purring big time when he reads this up at the Bridge. Thank you for sharing his life with us. Soft purrs and gentle hugs.

Laura & Taffy

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Our eyes are leaking like crazy after reading this beautiful heartfelt tribute to our buddy. We miss Hendrix so much. (((hugs))) and purrs to your family.

The Island Cats said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful cat. Hendrix was one of our first blogging furiends. We always enjoyed reading about him and his alter-ego Bendrix. Purrs to you, Mom Amy. We know how much you loved him.

Hendrix, the world is a little less bright without you here, buddy. You are missed by so many...'specially us.

Just Ducky said...

You have us all leaky eyed. Such a wonderful tribute to a grate mancat. We all miss Hendrix, hugs and purrs.

Tiger Lily said...

Oh we are so very sorry to learn that Mr. Hendrix had to leave you. He was a wonderful kitty and we know he had a great life and a lot of love with you. Your tribute is very beautiful.


prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and gentle tail wags,
Tiger Lily and Marco Polo
Mom Rebecca

catsynth said...

We are so sad to read that Mr. Hendrix is gone and so sorry for your loss. That was such a wonderful tribute. We're glad we got the chance to know him through these pages over the years, and feel like we have lost a friend.

Sending you our thoughts and sympathies.

-CatSynth (Luna and Amanda)


I remember when I first began blogging that it was all fun and exciting and happiness. Then the losses came.I thought 'what'? Then I realized one day it would happen to me. It did. Twice. I am so sorry about Mr Hendrix we always always adored him. Hendrix and his alter ego Bendrix. So many good memories. It's much more than I can put into words, but it's hard to let go because there is so many life events that they've shared with us and finding out that there will be no more in our lifetimes is very sad to process. I know Mr Hendrix came to you with humble beginnings and you gave him such a loving home. You cared for him and he cared for you. There is never enough time and we all wish we had done more, but you know what? You did just what he needed. He knew you loved him and that was all that mattered. He was family and you will always remember him that way. One day I will hold Abby again and you will hold Hendrix and we will never have to be apart again.

Jans Funny Farm said...

A beautiful tribute to Mr. Hendrix. We always loved his blog.

We have leaky eyes thinking about Hendrix and those we have lost since opening a blog. We do love our furries!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I think of Mr. Hendrix a lot because of sweet brandi. I am glad our kitties visit us now and then, because it is so hard to think they are totally gone. Well, they aren't. And they've made it known. Thank goodness!
Love to you and your family.
Is there another little kitty out there waiting for you to take home? I can't tell you how much Quinn has helped me remember brandi, and reminded me how much love grows. And needs to be spread.

Parker said...

(((Hugs)))) that was beautiful. What a great kitty. I cried when you shared that he as gone.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Oh my...how they can touch our hearts and complete our lives...your tribute is perfect and while I blink back tears, I know he was loved and that makes me smile...

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Awesome tribute to an Awesome cat. The Hotties give a five tail (albeit two with halos) salute. Love you Hendrix and family.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


We always help the humans as we pawmit them to find their voices via US!

I have no doubts I would have gladly chased Hendrix and fought Bendrix -

I do think woo were one of my furst snakhk pals here in the BLOGOSPHERE -

One day, I'll chase your blakhkness -

'til then,

PeeEssWoo: Those human puppies will SO be keeping your mom on her toes - just sayin'!

Ali Jan said...
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Sasha said...

mR Hendrix had a wonderful life. Lynettea years ago had a cat with FIV called Lucy. She was also born a feral kitty. So many stray kitties now have FIV. It looks to us as if you cared for Mr Hendrix and made him part of your family. That is all a kitty could wish for.
Sasha and Lynettea

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

What a wonderful post! Mr. Hendrix was so loved and we know he had a fantastic life with you and your family. We will miss our friend and we're sending soft purrs and head butts to comfort you. Thank you for sharing Mr. Hendrix with us and for being our friend.

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

Hugs and deepest sympathy on your loss,
Colleen, Joe and Blair

Juno said...

We're very sorry... Your blog is one of the earliest one that we'd started following. Lately we're always behind and didn't know this very sad news until now. We're sure Mr Hendrix is smiling to you....

Momo, Pinot & mom

TimberLove said...

We hope woo have found peace, gentle woooos,


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