My Valentine to Brandi

If I could... A Peom for Brandi

If I could be the afghan that warms your dainty paws
If I could snuggle next to you on soft cushions and sleep, sleep, sleep
If I could share a big can of stinky goodness, shrimp flavored, with you
If we could chase the red dot toy together, round and round until we got tired
If we could pull the fev-vers off the fev-ver butt mousies and get high on the nip together.
Then I’d have the perfect Valentine’s Day. The perfect ANY Day!
But, dear Brandi, I guess I’ll just have to dream you close to me...

Happy Valentines Day Sugar Pie!
I’ll see you at the party Friday if your mommy feels OK and it isn’t to cold for you.

1 comment:

The M's said...

What a special valentine. You too make a great couple.