Thursday 13 - Working Mommy

Thirteen reasons why I'm glad mommy works from home 2-3 days a week.
1. On days like this when it isn't freezing and the sun is out and the birds are at the feeders, mommy will open the window.

2. I get to nap next to her when she works on her laptop on the sofa (with her bad back she alternates between the kitchen table and couch).
3. Nap time. Whenever she is home she tries to take a 1/2 hour nap on the couch with me. That means she covers up with an afghan so I can lay on her legs and sleep.
4. Mommy usually gets up at "regular time" (7:45am) and since she doesn't have to do what is left (heh heh heh) of her hair or "really do" her make-up, the morning time is play time.
5. The few days she sleeps in until 9. I'll let her give me my morning stinky late on a cold winter day for extra snuggles on a warm bed.
6. She does the marketing for a store that sells wild bird supplies so I get to learn all about my feathered friends.

a chickadee under my "scratching post" window
7. When she gets up regular time, more fun stuff gets done like repotting my catnip plant so it keeps growing and growing and FINALLY planting me more cat grass (the "empty pot)

8. She scoops in the morning those days instead of at night so I have a clean box all day.
9. I often get to have my Science Diet TD treats when she takes a lunch break.
10. Watching mommy take a break to dance with Ellen.
11. Watching something other than Little House on the Prairie. I love it, but lets face it, I've seen them all a hundred times.
12. Mommy always keeps food in the feeders, especially during the cold winter months. We have 14 feeders and 2 heated birdbaths. She also has a pretty one that we only put out when it isn't frosty. On the day she is home, she puts some seeds right by the windows I sit in and extra peanuts for the squirrels and blue jays on the deck rail (we have a blue jay feeder that the squirrels and jays share, but mommy can see the deck rail from the sofa so she puts nuts there).

a cardinal on one of our platform feeders
13. Having her around. It may not be Mancatly, but I like having company, even if I'm not wanting pets. Mommy talks to me during the day and I like having her home.


Halloween said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix. My mom works at home two days a week and I love it too! Wow, the birdies outside your house are very pretty. I have never seen a cardinal before. Uh, do you go outside when it gets warm and play with the birdies?!!


Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Our Mommy is very envious of your Mommy's wake up time - our Mommy has to leave our house by no later than 7:45am to catch the last commuter bus. We have bird feeders outside our window too, but not as many as you - just 2 seed feeders and one suet feeder (we have a few others in the front yard too). Mommy filled them up yesterday because we have to window hunt or we are very unhappy!!

Daisy said...

Wow, I never realized you had so many bird feeders. That's neat-o! It is always better to have the mom home instead of away from home!

The Whiskers and Purrs Gang said...

Dearest Mr. Hendrix,
You is very lucky to have your mommy to be at home a couple of days each week. It's just the right amount of time...she's there for a few days and then you git to have some privacy on the days she's gone. Our mommy works all 5 days away...and she is gone for at least 12 hours every day...it ain't right. Just ain't right at all.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

Cecil the Cougar: said...

That is great that your Mommy gets to stay home a couple days per week. I like when my Mommy and Daddy are home on the weekends with me. Mom did stay home on Monday though, but she was sick. I made her feel all better though! She said, "Cecil just give me lots of kisses" and I did! I take my job of Human Caretaker very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Jinkies! You let your Mom sleep THAT late, Mr. Henrix? If Mom's not up by 5:00 we walk on her head and Gandalf puts his nose right on Mom's nose and Yeowls at her "Feed Me"!!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Those are some really nice pictures you have of some lunches there. When do we eat?

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hmm. a human slave on tap all day. This could be a very good plan for me.

Although my human would probably get under my feet and annoy me. xx

PB 'n J said...

Aw that was a nice post Hendrix! We would love to see all your feeders - we only have four (two regular, one thistle and one for the cardinals), but they keeps us entertained!

Ivan from WMD said...

You're so lucky to have mom days in the middle of the week. And you're extra lucky to have all those birds visiting, too! We have six feeders usually, eight if the weather is going to be very very bad, but we just get the usual handful of bird types. I wish I had a little red bird friend. And the meezer bird--well, Caroline got all excited seeing that. Thanks for letting us see!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

14 feeders and 2 HEATED birdbaths. Wow, no wonder that fox has been around, you have set up a perfect hunting ground. Ha Ha!

They must be fun to watch though.
Glad you get to spend some nice daytime quality time with your mom.


Unknown said...

Mr. Hendrix, that sounds wonderful having your Mom home two days a week! I am very jealous, I would like my Mum to do that too.

Artsy Catsy said...

We agree, Hendrix, work-at-home mommies are wonderful! Our mom has been in marketing all her life, but now she works at home every day, and we love it!


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Mr Hendrix,

You iz so lucky dat your momee can works at home. Da momee here tinks dat iz soo nice; espshully fur you kitteez!

MaoMao said...

That's great you have such nice time with yur Momma! And wowie, what a beeyootiful pickshure of the cardinal! He's gorgeous and furry tasty-lookin, i mean, he looks like he'd be nice! hehehe!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Just Ducky said...

I like it when mum works from home too, but it isn't on a regular basis. Mum wants to know how much seed you go through with all of your feeders. We have had a crazy year using over twice as much as we normally do, but we have had a bad winter too.

Lux said...

It sounds like you & your mom have the bestest days together! Those are pretty birdies!

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

It's Kate's dream to be able to work from home a bit... I'd like the company too, and it's totally mancatly to say so! All your birds look delicious- I mean, lovely.

SophieKitty said...

You're lucky! I wish my mommie could day hunt at home a few days a week.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Hey! My mom works from home part of the time too! That is the best thing for us don't you think? I know my mom would hate it if she had to get up any earlier than she already does!

Motor Home Cats said...

You are lucky that you get your mommy a few extra days a week. Our Mom is working an extra morning away from us this week :(

We love what you did to your mom's hair. That was a classic case of revenge.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

It's really nice to haf mommy around. And it is not un-mancatly to say so!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah Mr. Hendrix.
I am hoping my michico could work at home like your mommy. Then I could have great time to see her, even she is working.
These birds are very cute!!

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Your so lucky! I can't wait until my momma can work from home! ~Queen Snickers

Sunny's Mommy said...

Wow, you have a great day when your Mommy is working from home :-D All of those things sound terrific, but I think the napping on her legs might be the best sounding one.

Love your birdie pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Team Tabby said...

It's great that you have your meowmy home a couple days a week. We think all those feeders are awesome. We haven't had cardinals to our feeder yet, someday maybe.

Mindy & Moe

Mickey's Musings said...

Feeding the birds is good! Mom does that every day and the squirrels eat a lot :O We like watching them too :)
I like having Mom home.I get pats and scritches all day long. I don't get them when she is away.
Purrs Mickey

Chrissie said...

My mom's an amateur birder, too, which is muy fine by me! We get mostly sparrows and house finches, lots of dove, both ring-necked and grey, the occasional junco and cardinal family, and recently, we saw a nuthatch! Why she has to know their names is beyond me, but I'm glad she feeds'em so I can drool over'em!