It's Here!

Hi! On formerly feral Friday, I realize that since I am in my forever home I can haf favorite days of the year. You know, Christmas, Birthday / Gotcha Days etc. Well, today is another one of those days. Because the day after Thanksgiving is the day my mommy takes down her autumn decoarations and puts up her mostest favorite Christmas decoration. Her St. Nicholas Square Village.

She started over 10 years ago when she bought a set for her mom for Christmas. It steadily grew from there as both my grandma and mommy add each year. It now takes up a long buffet table and 2 card tables.

It is one of my favorite days because I get to play with all the boxes and stuffing (no worries, none of it is small enough for me to hurt myself on)!

I've never pulled a godzilla on the Christmas Village as something (that would be mommy) tells me that it would not go over well. Now that I've ruled the Halloween village many times, she is worried I may try to rule this one.

Will I or won't I????????????????? Stay tuned!


Ivan from WMD said...

My mom says we can't decorate too much because of some tiny boy.

I am so sure she doesn't mean me, though.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your mama doesn't want anything bad to happen to her village or her little boy cat.

Hot(M)BC said...

Mommies are funny about sum things, Mr. Hendrix. We'd love to see pikshurs of you in the village tho. hehehe

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