Friends and Fur on Friday

My younger twin William tagged me for the Kilroy meme, so here goes:

The rules:

Link to the one who tagged you.
List the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag some blogger friends with links. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.
What's a quirk?

1. I will only lay on the bed when the comfortor is under me and flat. I will NOT lay down for bedtime unless the comfortor is pulled up and there are no bumps. That makes mommy very hot, but I don't care.

2. I started a new habit a month ago. I start dragging my favorite blue fuzzy toy (with the bell of course) into the bedroom at night while making my "kill it" throat noises. Mommy wakes up (hence the bell) and tells me what a great hunter I am and then we all go back to sleep.

3. I'm mommy's first kitty. I've worked hard breaking her in. I get petting on my terms, as well as playing and feeding.

4. I don't talk much, but when I do, it is important. It means, feed me, play with me, pay attention to ME, NOW.

5. I have a tear in my ear. Mommy hopes that was the only fight I was ever in during my unfortunate feral experience. Fighting is how I got FIV. I am totally a peaceful kitty now (except for Bendrix)...I attribute it to catnip...

6. I only let daddy hold me and only when he is showing my out windows I don't normally see. Mommy can't hold me. BUT, I only sleep with mommy. When mommy was sick and on the sofa, I slept on the sofa, when she is bed, I sleep in bed. I don't sleep with daddy ever.

Bendrix sayz that we since everything we do is remarkable, it was hard to do this Meme. Hey, is being completely perfect in every way a quark??

We would like to tag:
Yao-lin who is, of course, remarkable too.
Parker, who is perfect!
and Ty at the Cat Street Boyz, who is right to say "Finders Keepers"

My Friday Confession (Mr. Echo is the founder of this) is that I like to shed most AFTER I'm brushed. I only tolerate 30 seconds of brushing so afterward I make sure to leave clumps all over the house. These are from Sunday only.

please note the freshly made vacuum tracks in the above photo under the fly I killed. It is important to shed & leave bug carcasses after the sucky machine is put away.

My sweet girlfriend Brandi's mommy is having her eye surgery next week. Please drop by and send her healing nice thoughts.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Hendrix, it is too bad you don't like being held. It is one of the best things in the world. It is sad that you were a feral and acquired FIV, but we are so happy you found a wonderful Forever Home.

The Meezers or Billy said...

it's ok to not like being held. trixie and norton hated being held and billy hates it too. grammies kitties both hate it. we akshually think it's more normal to not like it than it is to like it.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Being held is over rated and I'm with you. I don't like it. After all--is being held REALLY our idea? Are we in control? NO. Therefore, it's over rated....

Tybalt said...

Hendrix/Bendrix, you truly are incredible! ;)

The Furry Kids said...

I'll only let Dad hold me, too. The Mom gets bunnykicked if she tries. heh heh




None of us like to be held either, but I will tolerate it for a short time for Momma. She especially likes to hold me when I am vibrating (purring). But I don't try to hurt her when I am ready to be put down, I am a squirmy round ball of fur and she has to put me down or I will jump.


Lux said...

That's funny that you only like to be on the bed when it's flat - we only like it when all the covers are messed up! :)

I love that fly carcass!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

YOU are just a sweet boy. Err,I mean Mancat.

I am glad that you are finally letting someone brush you, even for just a few minutes. I love to rub my face along the brush. And it does help the itchie places.

And thank you for offering to hold my paw on Tuesday. You are welcome to come and take my mind off worrying about mama

Mickey's Musings said...

I like that you make noises when you drag your toy in the room!! heehee I love that fly carcass too !
Purrs Mickey

Anita said...

Great hunt! Muahahahahahaha!

Parker said...

ppss - I did that meme
here it is!