Thursday Thirteen - My First!

How much do my mommy & daddy love me? Lots! I have my own first aid kit JUST FOR ME!
Mommy has always wanted to put some emergency/evacuation kits and first aid kits together for us, but always put it off. This year hearing how poor GT hurt his leg and all the problems the midwest had with ice storms and loss of power, she kicked into gear. So, here are 13 things (there are more too!) that are in my very own first aid kit (next week will be my "emergency evacuation kit" so visit then too!)

1. A tiny flashlight to inspect my ears, eyes, paws etc. for injuries / splinters
2. A blunt tipped tweezers (so if I jerk my head or paw it won't jab me)
3. A GREAT IDEA for a stretcher that mommy got from my first aid book (see below) - A cutting board wrapped in a towel to transport me to the vet
4. Extra lint free white towels to put over me when I'm on the board & masking tape* (over the towel - not my fur) to keep me still
5. Plastic eyedropper or syringe
6. Gauze pads in case of injuries & gauze on a roll to wrap injuries
7. Sterile saline solution
8. Hydrogen peroxide (helps with making kitties vomit)
9. Neosporine for minor scratches and cuts
10. Strips of cotton to use as a muzzle to help them treat me and I can't bite
11. Cotton balls and swabs
12. Ice pack
13. Scissors
*The duct tape roll covering the masking tape roll is for something else - mommy forgot to take it out of MY BIN!

She also included: A good pet first-aid book (mine is the First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats by Amy Shojai) & a Home Veterinary Handbook, My Vet and the Nearest Emergency Vet Clinic's Phone Numbers, The poison-control center or hotline, and copies of my rabies vaccination status & copies of my important medical records

The large first aid kit that has the red on it in the background (for "effect") is the Red Cross/Target emergency kit. It is a great starter kit for beans for a good price of $29.99 & a teaser for wht you'll see next week!

Three notes!
First, nothing, nothing, nothing can replace good vet care. If you hurt yourself bad or feel really icky, make sure your beans call the vet. Notice most of this kit is just to get me to the vet safely!

Second, a great list for what should be in your kit (and they list kitties & woofies) can be found on the Humane Society of the United States' website - hsus.org (look up "first aid" in the search box)

Third, the Red Cross - redcross.org has wonderful disaster prep lists. Even if you live where we do where we don't get lotsa natural disasters, a chemical spill into the air from a passing train or something can force an evacuation. We can also lose power like our poor Meowers from Missouri did, or get a tornado hit the area. Be prepared!

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The Crew said...

Wow, that's almost like having your own personal ER! But a great idea.