The Halloween Village and An Apology

Greetings! This is a long post, but I promise it is worth it.
I told mommy that you all liked MY village and asked her to take some pictures of it. Here it is in the light. All the houses move, light up and make spooooooky sounds. The Pirate Ship sings a chanty and mommy puts water in the "skull cave" in the lighthouse and when it is on it creates fog. It looks purry cool lit up but her digital camera didn't take pury good pictures. The 3rd picture is the "witch" on the top of one house (she "flies" around the chimney) in front of the light up moon.

I'm going to haf to say sorry to all you kitties out there, but mommy said we have had so much interest in my soft paws that I should 'splain what they are. Here is a close up pikshure. Mommy founded these when she was looking for help wif my scratching. Her friend who fosters kitties told her abouts them. She looked at PetSmart, but they didn't have them yet, so they tried Dr. Foster and Smith website (search "soft paws") Mommy founded the soft paws and ordered them in a couple of colors. I weigh 13 lbs so I get the medium size. The size chart is on the site.

These haf been pury helpful to me and my beans. I can't damage screens, rip carpets or couches etc. I can scratch, however, and retract my claws, I just can't tear anyfing. Since my ears haf been hurtiing, I've been scratching my ears and damaging my skin so mommy and daddy put the soft paws on my back claws too. Now I can scratch, but not cut myself.

Two tips for them. First, trim the claws a few days before applying the soft paw because the claw sheds after trimming and the cap will come off. Second, if you plan on putting them on the back claws, consider buying one size larger (mommy and daddy didn't trim the claws, just applied the soft paws) than the front because the back claws are thicker.

Sorry to all the kitties who will soon be wearing "fun holiday colors" on their paws. Mommy ordered more "Halloween" colors (under the Halloween cat section) so I can root for the Bengals and red and green ones (under the Christmas cat section) for Christmas. Sigh. At least the squirt gun goes away.....


Rascal said...

Interesting about the soft paws. So many Cats hate having their claws clipped that the soft paws seem like a kinder alternative. I'll bet you look great in any color!

Quilt Granny said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix. I'm glad you came to visit my site and I liked your comments about chewing on tassel fringes. Actually I plan to do that today. Such a good idea. I may be able to knock the lighthouse statue onto the floor at the same time. About your soft paws....my buddy Marble was supposed to have these put on last week when he was asleep getting his haircut. But the vet said he woke up too fast... So we're all looking forward to seeing them when he goes back to the vet later this week (Note: the lady peep says to make sure I say that normal cats don't need to be asleep when they get their fake fingernails put on, but Marble is really skittery and won't let anyone touch him)


Mr Hendrix gud news about the squirt gun goin away. My brofur Ping hates to see that gun come out (a cuz he is the one who needs it da mostest).

We like the Halloween village...that is so cool!


Sadie said...

I wear soft paws, too! And I right now have on orange & black! We're TWINKIES!

My mom orders 'em from softpaws.com. She gets them for my woofie brother Max, too, so his claws don't tear up our hardwood floors when he acts like an idiot and runs around.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! I'll admit to "visiting" my village (note the fence laying down). In my defense, and even mommy will admit, the fence is pury unsteady and she should put it up with double sided sticky tape. I did try to eat the flying witch, but mommy said "No!" and I stopped.
Notice, however, that none of the people are knocked over. I am sooooooo agile.
Wait until you my St. Nicholas Square Village mommy puts up the day after Thanksgiving. It takes up a buffet table, 2 card tables and a TV tray. Mommy won't let me up on that village but sometimes when she comes home the sprinkles she puts on the "snow" are on my fur. I blame static electricity, I would never get up on somefing I'm not allowed to. Really.....
Eddy, be sure to take pictures of Marble's soft paws. Merlin, you should post yours too! We can be claw cap buddies! Fanks for directing mommy so softpaws.com. She'll looks there next time.

Anonymous said...

we love yur village, an we're guessing there's no Sticky Little People in yur house...rite?