Jekyl and Hyde

The vet said I have two rupshured ear drums.

This is my pretty kitty ear.

This is a drum.(http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/premiere/pictures_of_lily.htm)

How did that, get in my ear? I've had to go to the V-E-T three times in two weeks because I was shaking my head and digging my ear. The V-E-T gave mommy antybiotiks and a better cleaner. But I wasn't getting better, so today, my mommy LEFT ME AT THE VET ALL DAY! They gave my bunches of shots and made me go sleepy so they could clean my ears real good.
The nice lady vet said I must've developed an allergy to my food to have such a bad ear infecshun. My mommy feels so bad that she didn't know since she cleans my ears every two weeks. The V-E-T said that the outside of my ears looked fine and since they didn't smell and weren't dirty where mommy cleans them, she couldn't have known. Then when I kept shaking my head, I rupshured my drum set. I have two new ear medicines and pills (eeeeewwwww).
I also have to switch stinky goodness and crunchies AGAIN to somefing hi-po-al-er-genic and am having none of it. I know they want to give me a pill tonight too. That is what they fink. No way. I've had enough.

PS Why "Jekyl and Hyde?" you might ask, because when I went to the V-E-T yesterday I got an "A++" for my behavior. Today when they told my mommy she could come get me, they said I was full of "spit and vineagar." heh heh heh I likes to keep them guessing. I wish I had Max's talents...


superstar said...

good picture

Just Ducky said...

Hi Hendrix. Sorry to hear about your drums getting broked. Didn't know you could be 'lergic to food and get such problems.

I see you are a kittie with a football team. But your team is better than mine (Green Bay Packers).

Welcome to the blogoshpere.

Anonymous said...

whoa. that sounds ouchie ta haf broken drums in yur ears!

to join House Panthers, send your request to Smudge at fourfurrycats@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

one thing 'bout food - we got a kitty outta the shelter an into a foster home an she (Jade, the kitty) has IBS. after lotsa tests an trying stuff, the only thing that she can eat with no problems is Purina DM.

The Crew said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix. We found out about you over at the Cat Blogosphere and are sorry we didn't stop by sooner. Welcome to out cat blogging community. Come by to see us!

Sorry to hear about all your health problems. We do hope you'll be OK.

The Crew

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix, nice to meet ya! We're sorry to hear 'bout your drums and hope they're feelin better soon.

We also have four outside kittens that Mom is tryin' to find homes for. She hasn't had any luck catchin' any of them yet.


Hi Hendrix! I wuz stoppin by fur a visit via The Cat Blogoshere. Welcome! So sorry to learn 'bout yur eardrums...Owwwww dat does sound like it's a big owieeee. I hopes yu are much better now. Keep takin yur med-i-zen. Come by fur a visit ofur at ManxMnews.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Hendrix!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and sorry it took me so long to reply on yours.

That JekylandHyde trick is the best! My favourite is to be the sweetest bestest cat to all the people at the vets, and to strangers too, so when my human says I'm a miserable little hell-spawned imp of Satan, everyone looks at her like she's on nip or something.

I hope your ears get better quickly, that sounds really painful.

Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Mr Hendrix... nice to meet you. Hope your ears get better soon. Mia is on medicine now & she hates it so she feels your pain.

Meowers from Missouri said...

golly, mr hendrix the kitty! we are furry sorry yer ears gotted so bad! our mom did the same thing in january this year--got a cold on saturday, and sunday morning her eardrum went BOOM! just like yours. it hadn't itched or anything!!

so tell yer mommy it weren't her fault--if beans can't tell when their OWN ears is bad, how could they be xpected to know when a kitty's are??

we hopes you gets to feelin' and hearin' lots better really soon!!

(loud) purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu