Kat's Cat of the Day >^..^<: Hendrix

Kat's Cat of the Day >^..^<: Hendrix

Thanks pury much! I'm so proud to be the Cat of the Day. My tail is twitchy and I'm chirping I'm so happy! This makes it all better.



Mr. Hendrix



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Hendrix.

Rascal said...

Congratulations, Hendrix! You are a good choice for Kat's Cat of the Day. And on Midnight Monday no less.

Fat Eric said...

Congratulations on being Cat of the Day! It is cool isn't it?

Ivan from WMD said...

Very cool, Hendrix! And Rascal's right--on a Midnight Monday it's got to be twice as cool!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, Mr. Hendrix, con-cat-u-lashuns on being Kat's Cat of the Day.

'n on Midnight Monday, too, 'n on tha day before Halloween. ur "candy bowl" piksure makes a great halloween photo.

u be a furry hansum kittie.