My Name and the Pill Gun from H#ll

Well, I told you I wasn't going to take that pill and I didn't. I ate around it, and when they tried to STICK IT IN MY THROAT I yowled like a banshee and took off, scratching daddy's arm in the process. I didn't mean to hurt him, but what self-respecting puddin' would just swallow a pill? Really.
I wouldn't come out all night even when they tried to give me treatsies. Then when they got in bed, I laid on mommy's tummy like I do every night and told her I forgive her. After all, it was such a scary day, I wanted my mommy. She kissed me and gave me chin rubs.
Then we started all over again this morning. I was still not going to take that pill! So, mommy called the V-E-T and daddy picked up a pill GUN on the way home. They are going to shoot me with a pill! Ack! I think I can still get away from them. After all, they have to put two types of drops in my ear too so I'll have plenty of escape opportunities.

On to more fun topics, my name. Although mine mommy likes Jimmie Johnson too (varoooooooom), I was actually named for this Mr. Hendrix, Jimi.

Mine mommy and daddy love music made many years before I was born. Mine mommy loves classic and elektrik guitars and since I have such a good voice, and am so cool, a rock and roll name seemed appropriate. I’m a boy (it counts even after a snip snip) so “Joplin” was out, Daltry didn’t seem wild enough as a name, and Morrison, and versions of it seemed to much like Morris the cat. So Hendrix it is, and my purrsonality is as rock and roll as it gets. Mommy says Hendrix was a rock and roll god.
This is a picture of me watching the Who concert on DVD. Oh yeah, that is good stuff...


Fat Eric said...

Hi Mr Hendrix
Sorry to hear about your ears and the pill gun from hell. I do not like taking pills either - I had to take some a year or so ago when I had a bit of a situation with ear mites. But my humans cheat and one of them holds me while the other one posts the pill in. I don't actually fight as much as my sister used to, she was REALLY hard to give pills to! I had to have eardrops as well, I hated having them put in.

Just Ducky said...

Hendrix you did a good lesson in educating everyone about the music. Now, if you can just support Mr. Kenseth, life will be good.

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix,
KC mentioned your bloggy on the Cat Blogosphere news she reepurrted, so we just hadta stop by. That pill gun sounds furry skeery. We's sorry your ear thingies are messed up too. We hopes you heals up furry fast! We'll keep our pawses crossed and send purrs and purrayers for you.
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

Anonymous said...

Stand your ground!! And I hope your ears get all better soon and unruptured. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

pill gun? that sounds EVIL! at the shelter where our Lady volunteers, the vet has a zippy pouch they put the kitty in an only it's head is stickin out. then they duzzn't get all clawed up. we feel sorry fur the poor trapped kitties. that's just mean.

Spock said...

HHHMMMM, While I was reeeelly hopin it was Mr. Hendrix....Jiiiiiiiimmmmmmmiiiiieeeeeee's car owner, I too like that ofur Hendrix, so it am ok!!! Love yore blog thing dude!