New Friends!

I'm purry excited to hear from some wonderful new friends.

I met the Zoo, how much fun you must all have together. Sometimes I get lonely for a furry pal but I am askeered of doggies (even though my cousin Sonny seems nice...through a window) and we can't have another cat.

Fat Eric also stopped by! He is famous and he visited me! I've read about him a bunch. I'll have to post a picture of my kitty cousin Fred. He is also big boned. My mommy always says when she and daddy win the lottery, the first place they are going is London. It is purry cool you live there!

I also have had many Evil Intruder Kitties in my yard. My mommy found loving homes for 2 of them, but one, she called "Wiley" kept eating the food and getting out of the trap. Then, before she knew it, there were four kittens with her. Yuck. I've had to tolerate this nonsense for 6 weeks now but mommy is on a waiting list for some foster/rescue places and will find them new homes soon before they get sick or hurt.

Hi Riley Dog! I've seen you before too! I'll put up a picture of my doggy cousin "Sonny Bono." My mommy's brother and his family rescued Sonny from jail. Mommy says he is such a sweetie and a "bundle of energy." I say there is nothing like a good nap.

Emma and her mommy stopped by too. How purry neat Emma has her own "Kat." It is nice she has the "Kitty of the Day." I'll be sure to sign up. I'll have to pick my bestest mostest handsomest pose. Mommy takes lots of pictures of me so I'll be able to find a good one.

Thanks for the nice emails! Mommy has to fix the look of my blog. She thinks because she designed it on a Mac, it looks funny on PC so be sure to check back. It will look better soon.

Everybody have a wonderful weekend!


Emma's Kat said...

Hi again Hendrix! Thanks for the mention in your post today! Looking forward to getting pictures of you to post as cat of the day on Kat's Cat!

Puff said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix! Mom tells me & Spot that the Evil Intruder kitties are really just sad kitties. Kind of hard to argue with her when she put's it like that!

Your new friends, Spot & Puff

Meowers from Missouri said...

hello, mr hendrix! it's furry good to meet you. thank you for commenting on our bloggie. we have added you to our links, and hope to visit frequently!

we are also furry glad to hear that your beans are GOOD beans who help wandering kitties! kudos to them!!


nels, ed, nitro, & xing